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 Things to know about the server

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Things to know about the server Empty
PostSubject: Things to know about the server   Things to know about the server I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 7:10 pm

Here are a few good-to-know things about the server.

1. The server rules are on an in-game board.
2. The server is most active around the time of events (once or twice a week) where everyone is on.At all other times people come and go how they see fit.
3. There are 4 'admins' on the server. The admins are also players. (Do not ask to be an admin).
4. You can get a hold of an admin trough other players, the forum, or the admin mails: and
5. We have our own races on the server, if you want your own then talk to an admin about it.
6. Current races: (Playable) Human, dwarf, elf, hellborn. (Non-playable atm) Drow, tribal.
7. Each race has its own capital city.
8. We also have our own lore, so please stop claiming you are from minecraftia. Our world is called Ryden.
9. Want your own piece of lore in? Yet again, talk it trough with the admins.
10. Most importantly, respect the other players and have fun.
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Things to know about the server
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